About the Fire Piston

Make your own handcrafted Fire Piston with this easy-to-use kit.

What does a fire piston do? A fire piston is an amazing fire starting device that seemingly produces fire from nothing but air! The secret is that the specially designed piston is rammed quickly into a sealed cylinder with a single stroke. The compression of the air causes the temperature to rise rapidly to 260 degrees Celsius, or 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hot enough for the tinder on the piston face to ignite. It can then be withdrawn and transferred to a larger mass of kindling to create a fire. Check out Wikipedia for more.

  • 6x 1/4"ID x 7/16" OD x 3/32"W rubber O-rings (4 are spares)
  • Long, clear polycarbonate or acrylic rod, 1/2-inch diameter -- the piston
  • Short, clear polycarbonate or acrylic rod, 1/2-inch diameter -- the plug
  • Clear polycarbonate or acrylic tube -- the cylinder
  • Ball knob
  • Copper end cap
This is a kit and the hard parts are pre-made for you. It requires an hour or two of assembling, sanding, and preparing easy to make "charcloth." Complete directions are provided. Best for ages 13+ or make and use under adult supervision.